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Looking for a good night out in Kumamoto? You have come to the right place. This page is constantly not being updated, but you should be able to find what you're looking for. Have fun and if you see me in town, buy me a beer for all my hard work!

This page is always under construction, rarely updated and never finished, sorry!


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Christmas Pub Crawl 2015/12/26

Got no plans for boxing day? You have now.

Come and join the Kumamoto! Alive and Social Bee event, Christmas Pub Crawl.

We will start at 7.30PM in Shimotori Arcade near Haagen Dazs, and visit about 9-10 different bars and clubs. All the places will give us free entry and 300yen drinks for the allotted times only!

Bring your friends or come alone and make some new ones. Tickets cost 2000yen each, or 5 friends can join for 8000yen! See you there! 


Featured Venue: Jeff's World Bar

Probably the most famous and most popular international bar in Kumamoto, Jeff's World Bar is the place to go when you need to escape from the Kumamoto heat and have a nice cold beer. Occasionally known for its relaxing and friendly atmosphere, Jeff's Bar can potentially turn into a party on any day ending in Y.  

Where: San Nen Zaka St. (not far from Daiei)

Prices: Nama ¥500 Cocktails ¥600~

Open: 8PM~

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Jeff's World Bar official website





1 Minute with Jeff

When did you open Jeff's World Bar?

I started JWB in 1999, and I started it  because at that time, there wasn't a small, hang out, foreign owned bar where people could just go for a beer and chat. There was Sharp, Sanctuary, Rock Balloon, and Shark Attack, but not much more At that time there were live bars, theme bars, and snacks. I saw a niche that I thought could be filled.

What do you think of Kumamoto's nightlife?

I think Kumamoto nightlife is fun! It's hard to predict sometimes what people want. But I think there are really cool places people can go, and I think it's getting more and more western as the years go by, especially for young people.

Anything else you want to tell your customers?

I want to say to customers that everybody is really open to coming to the bar, a fact that I am grateful for, and I have enjoyed being around everyone through the years. I'm the happiest when people are having a good time. I think we have an awesome variety of customers, and I've met so many great people! Thanks a lot for visiting us!

Hilary and Jeff - possibly at Halloween  


Here we go! Kumamoto! Alive is BACK and gearing up for the coming pub crawl. I'm teaming up with Ade and Social Bee, so you can be sure it is going to be a great night! Have you got your ticket yet?


Old stuff:


Busy month! Took a trip home to Oz and I got nothing to show for it except another 5kg of fat. Happy 4th Birthday to my son Shoma! Get ready for the end of a muggy Kumamoto summer and the start of a chilly Kumamoto winter.


Recovering from a night of heavy drinking at Jeffs, Shark Attack and Fresco. Forgot to eat breakfast dammit!


Happy 2nd Bday to my little boy Kaito! Actually his birthday is on the 30th but what the hell.  Had a family BBQ and drank lots of crap beer. However, got a wedding tomorrow so looking forward to dressing up and getting smashed on some real beer!


Found a blog written by a dude I met in Musashi Gaoka. He said I looked like Tom Cruise lol - he must've had like 30 beers! His blog - http://ameblo.jp/bar-lavie/entry-10985097825.html


Recovering from heat stroke and a big weekend. Need a beer.


Sitting at home on Saturday night, wishing I was oot n aboot! Getting ready to put together a mini-golf event maybe in October. Want to do a short round of golf in different bars? Hang on its nearly done.


Working on the new and improved site version 2.0 now. When its done its function will be a permanent hub for bar and club information as well as a place for event promotion. I am helped by the fact that I don't have a hangover. Also in the process of negotiating semi-permanent discounts with participating venues for the upcoming release of the Members' Band. Don't worry, there will still be a Pub-Crawl later in the year, and possibly another couple of special events. Stay tuned...

Shimotori Area 下通り沿い

Know a bar, club or restaurant you think should be on here? Want to recommend a place for others to enjoy? Want to promote your own shop or event to the Japanese and international community in Kumamoto? Got any advice on how to make this site better?

Send an email to kumamotoalive@gmail.com or stand in front of Tsuruya and shout it at the top of your lungs!